Different Types of Siding for Your Home


Every home should have a siding. However, siding should not only give and add beauty to the house but it should also help in protecting the house. Siding of the house should also protect the house from bad effects of weather and the like. With this, it is very important to know the different types of siding so that you would also know what to apply in your house. Read more great facts on good siding that looks like wood, click here.

Climate and geographical location are major factors to consider when choosing a type of siding for your home. You will need a siding that is water penetrated and is not easily rotten if your house is near the ocean and in great humidity. Here’s a good read about quality prefinished soffit, check it out!

Now, there are four types of siding that you can choose from. Vinyl, insulated, fiber cement or composite, engineered wood are the four types of siding that we will discuss.

The first one to discuss is the Vinyl. Vinyl sliding is best for houses that have a single family living in it. This kind of siding is actually invented in the earl 1960’s. Vinyl siding requires only a little maintenance for it is very durable and very strong. It also has a lot of colors you can choose from and it is also the most affordable type of home sidings.

The second type of siding that will be discussed in this article is the insulated siding. Insulated siding is actually a vinyl sliding that has an insulation added to its back. Insulated siding has actually two types. These two types are the insulation as own separate piece and the other one is the insulation that is glued to the inside. Insulated siding is actually originated in the late 19990’s. The expanded polystyrene or the EPS is actually the main insulation material that is being used in this type of siding.

The third type of siding that we will discuss in this article is the fiber cement. Composite siding is also the other term for this type of siding. This type of siding mixes wood fibers, cement and sand into a steady material that does not contract or expand. This type of siding can also be painted for it can hold any paint color for a long period of time. If you painted this siding, you can repaint it after fifteen to twenty years.

The last type is the engineered wood. This type of siding is made up of woods – as the name implies. This type of siding requires to be painted for about five to ten years to maintain its uprightness. Kindly visit this website http://www.wikihow.com/Get-Free-Building-Materials for more useful reference.


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